WWW.IEMRA.COM is a website, owned and operated by the International Emergency Medical Response Agency (herein referred to as I.E.M.R.A.). I.E.M.R.A. acknowledges that there are issues and concerns regarding children’s use of the Internet and communicating with them online. The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”) is a federal law, implemented and regulated by the FTC, designed to protect the privacy of children under 13 years old. The FTC and their COPPA regulation requires that I.E.M.R.A. provide you, as parents or legal guardians (herein referred to as Parents) with notice concerning what personal information is collected from  and/or about children and how it is used or shared. 

I.E.M.R.A. is also required to inform you that parental consent is necessary before any child under 13 years of age can participate in contests, sweepstakes, or other activities (herein referred to as Contests) on our website that require them to submit personal information to us. I.E.M.R.A. is a membership-based organization and its website is geared toward a general audience. I.E.M.R.A. provides a KIDS SECTION and a TEENS SECTION on its website as a courtesy to its members and their families. 

All childrens pages are password protected and Parents must email us permission for their child to access the KIDS SECTION of
Once the Parents' consent is verified by email or telephone, we will email the password to the Parents and their child may then be permitted to access the KIDS SECTION web pages. I.E.M.R.A. insists that Parents monitor their child's activities on the I.E.M.R.A. website. Children must not be permitted to browse through unsupervised. 

What types of information do we collect? contains a KIDS SECTION on the website as a courtesy to I.E.M.R.A. members and their families. We do not encourage children, of any age, to contact us directly, but only through their Parents via email. If a child under the age of 13 is interested in participating in a Contest on our website, their Parents must submit their entry, along with their Parent’s membership information. 

I.E.M.R.A. asks that Parents provide us with only their child’s first name, age, and their Parent’s email address and I.E.M.R.A. membership number. We do not collect any additional information about the child until we receive verifiable consent from the Parent that their child may participate. We may request personal information from the Parent, such as a mailing address for prizes to be sent to, however, we do not collect more information than is reasonably necessary to enter the Contests on and we do not retain that information once the Contest has ended and winners are announced.

How do we use or share the information that we collect? 

I.E.M.R.A. uses the Parent’s email address to notify the Parent of the child’s interest in participating in a Contest on our website, if it is the child that contacts I.E.M.R.A. to express interest in our Contests. I.E.M.R.A. encourages that any and all correspondence with I.E.M.R.A. be sent by the Parents on behalf of their child, not by children directly. We may request the child’s first name and age from the Parent in order to notify the child if he or she wins a prize; to post the winners of Contests on KIDS SECTION. We may also request the Parents’ postal address to send a prize that the child has won.

The child’s personal information is solely used internally by I.E.M.R.A. and its affiliates, subsidiaries, agents, and contractors including those entities involved in creating, judging, or implementing the Contest. If the Parent consents, certain personal information concerning the child may be placed on our website(s) if the child is a winner of a Contest, such as the child’s first name, age and city or state of residence. All KIDS and TEENS pages are password protected and the password is only sent to Parents after they have sent I.E.M.R.A. their consent for their child to visit I.E.M.R.A.’s KIDS and/or TEENS SECTION Online. 

How do we obtain verifiable consent from Parents to collect a child’s personal information? 

I.E.M.R.A. requests that Parents who are current members of I.E.M.R.A. email us with their consent that their child may enter the KIDS SECTION of Once we have sent an email to the Parents to confirm their permission, a second email is sent to Parents with the password that allows children access into the KIDS SECTION of If I.E.M.R.A.  receives an email from a child under 13, we notify the Parent of the child’s interest in accessing the KIDS SECTION of our website and participating in Contests. The Parent can refuse to allow the child to participate, in which case we will delete all information submitted by the child or the Parent in reference to the child.

If the parent consents to the child’s participation in the Contest or activity, the child will be allowed to enter and participate in the Contest, however, all submissions and notice of prizes will be communicated through the Parents’ email address. If the child wins a prize in a Contest, we will notify the Parent and request the Parent’s mailing address in order to deliver the prize. In addition, we may publish the child’s first name, age and the city or state in which they live on our website, listed as the winner of the Contest.

How do Parents access the information about their child or revoke their consent and delete such information? 

Parents can access their child’s personal information at any time by contacting Dr. King, by email at: or at Parents can change or delete the child’s personal information or revoke their consent for participation at any time. If a Parent’s consent is revoked, we will delete all of the child’s personal information from our website and from our database.

Who should Parents contact if you have any questions or comments? 

If you have any questions or comments concerning this COPPA policy, or if you need any assistance to access the information on our website, please email Dr. King for IEMRA at:  or telephone 1-347-271-1174

I.E.M.R.A. will notify Parents by email of any material changes in our COPPA Policy, or in the way that we collect, use or share a child’s personal information. Please notify I.E.M.R.A. of any changes in your email address so that we will be able to contact you.