The International Emergency Medical Response Agency (herein referred to as “I.E.M.R.A.”) is a privately owned company based in New York. I.E.M.R.A. is not affiliated with, endorsed or sanctioned by any law enforcement or government agency (local, state, federal, foreign or international). The goal of the I.E.M.R.A. is to provide licensed healthcare professionals (herein referred to as “Members” and/or “Applicants”) the opportunity to become I.E.M.R.A. members. Upon completion of membership requirements set forth on the membership page, members are provided with, and are encouraged to utilize, the educational resources provided by I.E.M.R.A. and any third-parties. There are proprietary courses as well as information and educational links to external sources for members to use to meet the I.E.M.R.A. goal of providing communities with a prepared team of healthcare professionals who are trained in crisis resilience skills, disaster response, crisis management and crisis recovery.

    I.E.M.R.A. conducts background searches on all membership applicants to confirm that their professional license is legitimate, active and in good standing. I.E.M.R.A. does not share any information regarding applicants or members with any third parties other than that which allows I.E.M.R.A. to conduct the checks and searches required to confirm the identity and status of all members. I.E.M.R.A. requires that prospective members complete a membership application, pass the requirements of the entrance background check, as set forth in these terms and conditions, and complete a number of educational and training courses to meet membership requirements. Applicants are also required to submit copies of their professional and driver’s licenses as well as their Curriculum Vitae and passport photographs; these are the sources of information that I.E.M.R.A. will use to conduct any and all background searches and as proof of identity.

    Potential members and applicants are strongly advised to confirm that they meet the requirements for I.E.M.R.A. membership, prior to submitting any membership application materials or related fees. If there is any question to whether an applicant may apply for membership, they are encouraged to contact I.E.M.R.A. prior to sending any applications, documentation or fees. I.E.M.R.A. can be contacted by telephone at 347-271-1174, toll-free at 877-721-8041, by fax at 877-721-8041, by email at info@iemra.com, or by mail at 215 East 77th Street, Suite 4D, NY NY 10075 USA.  Applicants should confirm that all professional and driver’s licenses are current, that licenses are in good standing and that the applicant is a responsible professional, free of litigation, with a clean reputation and has not been convicted of any felonious acts before submitting any fees and/or forms to I.E.M.R.A.

    If an applicant sends all documentation and fees and knowingly or unknowingly does not meet I.E.M.R.A. membership criteria, a fee of $100.00 will be charged to the applicant, and not refunded, as a “re-stocking fee.”

    If, after a member has been approved, they engage in any misconduct, either illegal or irresponsible, I.E.M.R.A. reserves the right to revoke all credentials, misused or not, from any and all members who have engaged in activities that may be construed as deleterious to the community and/or to I.E.M.R.A. and its mission. Any member that has been accused of inappropriately using, handling, and/or presenting their credentials, said credentials will immediately be revoked and destroyed and the member’s membership status terminated.

    Should i.E.M.R.A. cease its operations for any reason, no refunds of any fees paid to I.E.M.R.A. or its affiliates will be offered and/or returned to the consumer/member. Members enter the contract of membership for the term of one calendar year at their own risk and will not be refunded any monies should I.E.M.R.A. cease operations at any time during the term of membership.

    Upon expiration of the term of membership, all members, including those who do not intend to renew their membership, must return all credentials to I.E.M.R.A. in an insured post package. Any credentials unreturned will be reported to local and federal law enforcement.

    If member credentials are lost or stolen, the member involved must immediately file a report with local law enforcement and present a copy of such report to I.E.M.R.A. immediately. I.E.M.R.A. reserves the right not to replace that member’s credentials. If in the event credentials are replaced, there is a $100.00 fee billable to the member for replacement credentials.

    I.E.M.R.A. uses USPS service to send all mail to applicants and members. All posts are insured and handled responsibly. I.E.M.R.A. is not responsible for the loss or damage to any goods or correspondence sent by post. I.E.M.R.A. sends goods in new, factory condition and any damage thereto is the responsibility of the mailing services used and/or the member. I.E.M.R.A. will make every effort to ensure that members receive goods in pristine condition and can arrange replacements if and when necessary. Please be advised that fees may apply for the replacement of goods and merchandise. Returns of membership materials are not accepted by I.E.M.R.A. and refunds are not offered for membership dues, fees and services. Replacement items will not be provided, with the exception of those items damaged in shipping, whereupon some fees may apply.

    I.E.M.R.A. provides education and training to its members in crisis resilience, response, management and recovery. I.E.M.R.A. is in no way, at no time, responsible for any personal or professional injury sustained by any individual,  I.E.M.R.A. members or representatives while acting on behalf of I.E.M.R.A. or in the capacity of I.E.M.R.A. membership. All information provided by I.E.M.R.A., any third-party or affiliate must be confirmed by experts and local authorities before use. The consumer of any and all information acquired through I.E.M.R.A., its affiliates or any other third-party uses such information at their own risk.

    I.E.M.R.A. members are required to keep themselves safe at all times and not place themselves or others in harm’s way. I.E.M.R.A. is not responsible for any injury sustained by first responders, or others, due to the actions of I.E.M.R.A. members. Personal accountability will be upheld in any and all events and if responsibility for error must be taken, it lay with the member not the organization. Using any and all I.E.M.R.A. provided materials is implied consent to these terms and conditions. 

    I.E.M.R.A. does not provide health, life or accident insurances of any kind. Members must be aware that they proceed at their own risk. I.E.M.R.A. will not compensate anyone for personal or professional injuries sustained, or any damage to tangible or intangible property or persons, during any I.E.M.R.A. activity or during crisis response, management or recovery or as a result of using or refering to any and all I.E.M.R.A. materials, including information or education offered via any format, including print, broadcast, live drils, events, activities, lectures, classes, articles, website links to any third-party or any other means of communication. Nor will I.E.M.R.A. provide any compensation for death and/or loss of limb, for any loss of wages or professional gains, tuition assistance or reimbursement, nor for any damage to any vehicle or personal property.

    Any members who maintain professional, personal life and/or health insurances must rely on those agreements, and in no way rely on I.E.M.R.A., to provide assistance with personal health coverage, monetary compensations to members or their families, repair or replacement of vehicles, or assistance with tuition, personal property, professional practices or businesses that may have been affected during members’ activities in education, crisis response, management and recovery or any other activity in any way related to I.E.M.R.A.. 

    I.E.M.R.A. offers its members as an esteemed force of socially conscious healthcare professionals who are familiarized with crisis response, management and recovery. I.E.M.R.A. members offer their services to assist the victims of disasters and other critical incidents. I.E.M.R.A. is in no way responsible for the quality of treatment provided by its member healthcare professionals, first responders, veterans, students, or any other individual. I.E.M.R.A. is not responsible for any death, loss of limb, injury sustained, permanent condition or scarring or any other medical, personal, educational and/or professional tangible or intangible damage that may be sustained by a first responder or other victim of disaster as a result of the treatment received from any I.E.M.R.A. member or representative.

    I.E.M.R.A. is in no way responsible for any damage sustained to the mental health of any I.E.M.R.A. member, representative or disaster victim. Only those I.E.M.R.A. members who have consulted a mental health professional and feel that they are emotionally equipped or psychologically capable to engage in crisis response, management and recovery should consider doing so. I.E.M.R.A. is not responsible for, nor will it provide treatment for any mental health conditions that may arise pursuant to crisis response or any other I.E.M.R.A. offered or related activity or materials. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a real and serious ailment (among others) that can afflict people who have endured or witnesses tragedies and/or disasters, be aware that engaging in crisis response, managment and recovery may place you at risk of developing mental (and/or physical) health symptoms and/or illnesses. Using I.E.M.R.A. materials implies that the user has read and understood all of the terms and conditions and agrees to same.

    I.E.M.R.A. cares for the health and well-being of its members, representatives and any and all victims we may provide care for. Although members proceed during crisis response, management and recovery at their own risk, I.E.M.R.A. encourages all members to care for themselves before attempting to provide care to others, and only to proceed without placing others at risk of injury or harm. Healthcare professionals are prohibited from attempting to provide care that is outside the scope of their abilities and training.
    By utilizing I.E.M.R.A. goods and/or services you acknowledge that you have read and understood these Terms and Conditions and that you agree to these terms and conditions.